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Shooting Games First Person Size: Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry for N Emulator N64 Size: Stone wars is a turned-based strategy game with a twist. It offers a unique gaming experience that combines strategy, platform elements and puzzle solving all-i Balkans on Fire! Set in the violent period of Yugoslavian civil wars from to , the player, as a fictional Russian volunteer tank commander, is put right into the turret Snake Deluxe for Symbian S60 2. Mobile Games Mobile Size: Magic Whiteboard 3.

No doubt, its colorful graphics and amusing cartoon characters make this program a really fascinating pastime. Emulator Wonderswan Size: CheatBook-DataBase 4. Games are listed alphabetically in Game Archives Tools Size: Brutal wars is a game combining two genres: Heroes of? So the war begins?

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You must create special and unique units and must conquer the enemy? Adjust angle of the bow and Shoot arrow -Mid button: Produce units Upgrade: Special characteristics: This is best app ever!!! For additional support, please contact: If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info?

Is there any feedback you would like to provide? Click here. Zapya for iPhone 4. Winamp 1. I honestly wish you could upgrade your mana regeneration speed more, because later in the game, you can never have enough. There are also times where you can control your hero to fend off enemies and complete short objectives.

Late in the game it becomes difficult to get decent units out because of high mana cost. I don't like this because you are forced to waste your precious unit slots on weak units instead of things that will actually help you. Overall I give this game an 8. It's better than the first in my opinion, and it is better than most games I have played.

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It has 6 acts, all fairly challenging. I'm on the fourth right now, so I hope that I continue having fun. It would be interesting to see a villian campaign as it's own game, I would buy it. Also, the screen reacts to your device tilting and can be turned off in the options menu, for those people wondering.

Best cartoon war game! I love this game it's a mix of strategy army battle stuff and level up hero awesomeness almost as if Trench wars and Infinity blade had a cartoon baby get it it's the best! The new blade one isn't that good and I felt like it was set up as too much of a pay 2 play game: But other than that pure awesomeness.

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I'm really impressed on how well made this game is. It's my 3rd fav iOS game. I think you guys could push the fun even further and add multiplayer for local wifi or online. That would make it even more exciting when you've got nothing to do in CW: I would seriously appreciate online or local multiplayer.

Make CW 3!!! Many a day were wasted with this app, and not a single one was dull! In CW 3 if you make it I would love if there were small cutscenes 5 to 15 seconds long introducing each skill attack once you use it for the first time, animated cutscenes, and melee combat staying in it along with a range of options for heroes. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you take it into consideration!

Please read this review and update the freaking fourth world the boss is too over powered and I can't defeat it I have all my stats full and I get to one more sliver to death and he kills me make his army not be so much I can't handle it please fix this, I can't stand it no more I've tried about 26 times an I can't defeat him please help me.

Great game by the way. Guys, you could so do a multiplayer Three ways: One, have the same guys go against each other on different devises, same level, and see who finishes first, and make the guys the two people have the same Second, make a level where enemies come twice as many, but the two people work together, one gets land and strike, the other air and arrows.

They get the same amount of money each. Finally, simply the two people take turns, as in player 1 has control for 30 seconds and then player 2 has 30 seconds of playing Please consider, and if u do do it, then I take no credit This review came out late lol. Great, but There are a few typos where words that don't fit in one line continue in the next.

It sometimes confused me and that could be something you can do to polish the game. Also, there would be instances where I tried moving the camera to a certain spot and I would appear looking at my base. That got pretty annoying and I'm not really sure what caused it. Other than that, great game. Best game ever by Game Master Inc. This is an awesome game. I would be thrilled to see cartoon wars 3, and based off of the amount of searches for it being sufficient to have it be a top suggestion when you type cartoon wars, I presume That I am definitely not alone.

If it is not already in progress please consider making CW 3. It's a great game, it is worth the money and I fell bad about the people who can't buy the game and please make it where u can replay the levels u beat so u can get more experience for the weaker Heroes. Over all it's a good game to get. It's a very good game but I have to say for a cartoony game this is an awesome game, but here's a problem: I bought the 0.

This game is great! But for the people saying that it is forcing you to buy gold you can just farm up gold in the hero stages. It takes time and patience and before you know it you can spend that gold on some new upgrades and units!

Bravo Blue Bravo. I can't get a chance to play this game because the game enter menu pops up and tells me to sign in, and when I click cancel it won't work so I keep tapping it and it still won't work. So plz get rid if Game Center it's the most annoying thing every and I can't even get a chance to play this game. My friends told me it was he best game They ever played an I really wanna play this. Great game but um can you make where you can replays levels when the game gets hard and you aren't prepared you would want to go back and play previous levels and also you should be able to just play hero mode and castle mode whenever you want and not need to beat one of the modes first.

Great except for these things: Sometimes jumps to behind my units. This is worse when it jumps to behind my castle, where it cannot be shot at. Cartoon Wars 2 is a very fun game and a good sequel to the original. Didn't work, checked my balance. Nothing changed so I tried again. And again. Finally gave up.

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The next day my balance is like 80 cents but hey. Still no coins. I give it a 2 stars because that little glitch just ruined half the game for me. This game is really fun but there is one thing that I think would make it soooooo much better. I think that if there is another story mode where you can be the dark guys that would be awesome. That's the only thing that I can say badly about this game. I've been having a problem with the sound during the battles I have it with no volume but then I blasts and if I try to turn it down it is already with no volume please fix it really bugs me.

It does start off slow in the first act but it starts to get really fun. Oh and word of advice don't stick to the same hero the whole game, try to buy the next character up because the weapons get stronger. Great game. Picked it up about an hour ago and ive been glued to it. Unfortunately, I took sleeping medication an hour ago too, BUT it's so good I've been fighting the inevitable.

Thanks cw2 for depriving me of sleep. Please make more levels or a 3rd game I will definitely buy it. This game is so worth 0.

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I really want more the second one is better than the first! Also I'd like more of the campaign type games instead if the hero mode one!!!! I love this game. The story is good, it feels good having awesome troops at my disposal. And I love the three save files so you can go back and play at a harder difficulty. If there was multi-player where to guys or girls faced each other with their own army, that be awesome.

Totaly worth 1. It's worth it, it's a 2 dimensional strategy game that can have huge explosions and oped upgrades and much more please make a third game not like the blade kind the stratagey kind please thanks for making this game.

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  • I bought money and sp, but i deleted the game and installed it later, but now i cant get my monet back! Can you add a restore purchase button, it would make me happy, if not i want a refund!! The tiger glitch is unfair because he goes right past your guys and to castle. Another unfairness is that how come the computer gets like 10 different units when we only get 5 units. It does begin fairly fun, but with no new material other than units and even then it takes a while to get any new cool looking characters that change more than their look and damage. It gets repetitive fast and I would suggest just playing the free version.

    It won't get any better. If you're planning on purchasing gold,do it after you already played the first stage,don't buy immediately after the scene,it will take your money then the app will close and you will get charged. I don't even see a refund option You can't even contact them.

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    Buck up! Make more versions of cartoon wars! Do you not care about us???

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    • Cartoon Wars;
    • Aw, come on, man! Don't pout and say you can't do it! You just make yourself feel bad. Anything is possible! Every time I come back, you get more disappointing, and disappointing. Why am I not surprised? Rating Trends. Current Version Probable Competitors. Cartoon Wars: Rage Wars - Meme Shooter. Lemondo Games LLC. Cartoon Wars Lite. Stick Blender Free. Effing Games, Inc.

      Zombie Tower Shooting Defense. Top Free Games. Zombie Gunship: Gun Down Zombies. Limbic Software, Inc.

      cartoon wars 2 ios download Cartoon wars 2 ios download
      cartoon wars 2 ios download Cartoon wars 2 ios download
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